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Short Summary

MavCore Media, creator of a new 3D animation magazine at http:
//mc3dmag.com is moving into the next phase of it's operation. News
Pros is a 13 episode animated sitcom that has been developed, which
includes a card game, which will start as a comic series.

*NOTE: This is a forerunner to the animated series (starting
production in late 2017) to aid in branding.

The graphic sitcom:

News Pros as a comic series will be longer than your average comic,
much like a graphic novel, which is why it's called a graphic sitcom.
The publication will be presented in a sitcom format with a cold open,
acts 1,2,3, and ending. A reader will know it's a sitcom.

About the show/comic:

It’s a small town news studio with the most unprofessional
“professionals” in the business, where the short filler broadcast is
more entertainment than serious news.

The news, which is compiled by unpaid interns, is delivered by Rod
Fritz, a narcissistic news anchor who lacks internal filters while on air,
along with the field reporter, Kate, who is a severe germaphobe. With
the weather being delivered by the handyman and the untalented
camera guys thinking they can produce “interesting” news, it’s a
setting for a chaotic debacle.

The corporate owners, who are making money off the chaos, keep the
studio underfunded and staffed with unqualified personnel to capitalize
on the entertainment value with DVD’s, t-shirts, and even action
figures, while letting the crew, particularly Rod, believe they are news

MavCore Media extension:

The comic series is a part of MavCore Media and will work closely with
the magazine and upcoming app to drive readership and gain needed
support. The magazine is a quarterly publication with the third issue
arriving April 2017. See images to the right.

Subscriptions and expected arrivals:

The first issue of the comic series is expected to arrive by mid summer
of 2017, or before.

Subscribe to the 13 episode/issue series and continue to receive each
issue as they are finalized.

See below for more details!
Card Game and set Images. The set will aso be seen in
the animated series at a later date.
Presented By:

MavCore 3D Animation

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Digital Comic Books:

The comic will be in both digital and print-on-demand

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Production of the first comic issue is scheduled to begin
during the second quarter, starting in April of 2017 at the

First of the "subscription" issues should be arriving in
June, 2017.

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Extra gift:

As an extra thank you to those who
subscribe, I would like to offer two
books for
FREE, which can be
downloaded immediately after
subscribing to the comic series..

One is a full length sci-fi novel, the
other is a short piece of comedy.
Humanity Reunion
Captain Neil Treml
fights to keep what's
left of his battered ship
and inexperienced
crew, while hunted by
genetically enhanced
soldiers he never knew
Diary of a Super
Have you ever
wondered what
happens on the other
side of those
superhero movies?
Meet one super villain
who can't catch a
Image Concepts:

A cover concept with a shot of the
actual set being used in production.