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coversmallMavCore 3D Animation Magazine

MavCore Media launches a quarterly magazine dedicated to all areas of the independent 3D animation industry, including animation, modeling, writing, voice talent, and educational resources.

MavCore 3D Animation Magazine aims to help fill a need in independent animation, acting as an outreach and educational medium, as well as a news platform for new artists and established industry leaders, as well as future MavCore Media animated productions. The magazine is primarily to be a resource and media platform for the indie artist.

The content is kept clean and not suited for political soap boxes, or controversial social trigger points. It’s for showcasing the 3D animation industry and the artists involved.

MavCore Media has a number of future animated projects planned, all in varying stages of development and funding processes. While these steps are being taken, the magazine is launched as a cornerstone to other ventures, a tool to help other indie artists, make connections and lay a foundation to future plans.