Issue 02

mc3d002January – March 2017

In this issue:

  • Marvelous Designer: Talks about the advantages of their powerful clothing/fabric design software.
  • Trinity3D: Offers tips and advice to new animators breaking into the industry.
  • TruForm: Gives a preview of vehicle modeling techniques from blueprints to the end lighting.
  • Two Worlds: A sci-fi short film with a social message.
  • 6 Feet: A glimpse at the inspiration behind a short film about a boy and his dog.
  • Welcome to Paradise: A short film that looks into the human condition in modern society.
  • TVtibi: Film distribution for the independent filmmaker.


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MavCore 3D Animation Magazine - Issue #2

MC3D: MavCore 3D Animation Magazine – Issue #2

MavCore 3D Animation Magazine is a publication dedicated to all areas of the independent 3D animation industry, including animation, modeling, writing, voice talent, and educational resources.Digital version is FREE to download or view, no purchase is necessary.In this issue: Marvelous…

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