Beginning in May, 2018. MavCoreTV will launch as a 24/7 streaming channel, distributed on global platforms. Various platforms are being considered or in the process of being developed.

The 24/7 stream will be hosted:

  1. MCTV website, embedded player
  2. Youtube Live
  3. TVtibi global channel
  4. Facebook Live & app

Clone streams means the same media, including advertisements, will be shared across platforms. All platforms will be free for viewers.


Advertising will be offered, accepting 20 – 30 second commercials. The channel will be FREE to view to capitalize on global audiences. The daily schedule will be broken up into three segments, nighttime, daytime and primetime. Ads will run in multiple spots in the chosen segment for seven days.


Ads will run for seven days from Wednesday to Wednesday. This allows all ads the same opportunity to reach the weekday and weekend audiences.


(50% OFF the listed prices for the first three months after launch)

The price does not include commercial creation. Advertisers must supply their own commercial videos. If basic video services are needed, please contact us.


Longer duration ads with multiple segments is considered sponsorship. These larger purchases come at a discount. Four weeks at 25% discount. Twelve weeks at 50% discount.

All segments means at least 20 commercial slots in a 24 hour period.

Level prices:

(50% OFF the listed prices for the first three months after launch)


We do not accept ads that are hateful, political, religious, deemed
inappropriate, or otherwise relying on hot topic platforms.

If you have questions on whether your ad fits the channel, feel free to contact us using the contact page.