Content Providers

Content details:

If you are a content creator, or have rights to distribute completed work, you may submit your projects to be aired on the channel. This is a linear channel, all work will be streamed and will NOT be available for audience download or sharing.

We do not require exclusive rights. This is non-exclusive only and the content provider must not have the work distributed through exclusive deals elsewhere, otherwise we will be unable to include the work until that contract has expired.

If a provider contracts an exclusive deal elsewhere after the work is loaded into the MCTV schedule, we require at least a 48 hour notice to pull the work from rotation.

Ideal genres are:

  • Comedy
  • Science Fiction
  • Action Adventure
  • Crime/Thrillers
  • Drama/Romance
  • Documentaries/News
  • Health/Nutrition


Note: we do NOT accept work that is hateful, political, religious, deemed inappropriate, or otherwise relying on socially controversial platforms. This is, however, with the understanding that many programs, including informational/documentary style programming, may contain controversial elements. Tasteful, balanced presentations are preferred and we reserve the right to reject any work that is deemed an improper fit to MavCoreTV programming.

Ideally, work should be a PG-13 equivalent rating or below. If a provider has work that does not fit that rating, but is willing to offer a cleaner “TV” version, this may be considered on an individual basis. So, a film that’s more of an R rating because of language can be altered quite easily, depending on the individual work.

Being a 24/7 channel, keeping language and sexual content to a minimum allows a viewer to stream the channel for longer periods without being concerned about family (particularly children) who may be nearby.

Ad share program:

MavCoreTV does not purchase distribution rights, but offers an advertising share program. This is a percentage of the advertising brought in for the channel.

The first 50% of all advertising is kept for the basic operation of the channel, including online hosting and services, as well as future staff, building and equipment. The remaining 50% is shared with content providers.

Units – The day is broken down into 15 minute units. This allows short films of 10 minutes and longer to be eligible to participate. Work under 10 minutes, although can be used to fill space and provide exposure, is not eligible for the share program.

One week has 168 hours, which means 672 units per week. A 30 minute show (at least 22 minutes to qualify) will take two units. A 90 minute movie will take six units.

Share program breakdown:

Advertising funds will start to be collected through the first quarter of 2018 for the channel launch by early April, 2018. Funds collected during this time will be added to the April launch. Program funds distribution is tallied after ad commissions (if any) are paid out.

Lets take a four week example of $10,000 (not a true representation, an example only).

  • $5,000 for MCTV operations.
  • This leaves $5,000 to be distributed over 2,688 units.
  • This is approximately $1.86 a unit.

A 30 minute show would be offered $3.72 per viewing under that scenario. However, many productions will have multiple placements to fill dead spots. This can add up quickly depending on the schedule for that month.

Again, this is only an example. Actual ad funds may vary greatly from month to month.